behind the scenes with hana zebzabi

After attending the Divurgent Workshops in January this year I was already missing its’ vibes so I went back to catch up with the Divurgent family in May.

It is such a special environment to be in. Surrounded by all these amazing Humans. Being there always gets me inspired and it was a little emotional to be a part of it again. Just like when you return to a place where you’ve been so happy before.

I know. Super cheesy. But you need to be a part of it to understand how special the Divurgent Workshops are.

Most of my time there was spent holding reflectors, moving props around or just chatting to awesome people. Oh and I also ate some yummy pizza.

When my hands were free I sneaked in some behind the scenes’ shots.

On top of being guided by a couple of amazing photographers while doing your thing you also get Q&A time with a model and a photographer. Usually a couple of all round superstars.

The Divurgent Workshops are not your average workshop. If you want to become a part of the family just keep an eye out for any upcoming dates on their website or on Instagram.

If you want to know more about my experience I am happy to chat to you so leave a comment below or just slide into my DMs on Instagram.

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